Key Benefits

  • Real-Time feedback from your customers
  • Card-free loyalty programs mean instant signups
  • Digital coupons & offers sent direct to their phones
  • Proven to increase redemption rates and reduce fraud
  • Birthday/Anniversary mobile campaigns auto-generated
  • Boost enrollment in your existing loyalty program
  • Expand email offer clubs into mobile
  • Create joinable programs unique to user-base location
  • Empower individual stores to build out and manage their own database of users
  • Greatly increase the size of your customer database
  • Appear in iXinga’s newsletter and be seen by thousands of iXinga users
  • Track surveys and coupon redemption in real-time via your back office portal
  • Send unique, one-time redemption offers for sign-up, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.
  • Control who receives or redeems offers for each campaign to reduce fraud and enforce redemption limits
  • Increase redemption rates through mobile push/pull notifications and email notifications

  • Collect and aggregate data (name, location, email, birthday/anniversary and other pertinent info) for new enrollees
  • Gauge which offers consumer like or dislike
  • Track how enrollments are doing based on geographic area
  • Determine promotion success per region
  • Export data and integrate it with your other marketing approaches
  • Launch marketing campaigns directly to your database via mobile phone

About the App

Get rewards for your feedback with the iXinga Rewards app! You can create a rewards profile and earn rewards and offers from participating iXinga locations by taking surveys or other activities to earn rewards and points for that location. You can also receive messages and alerts when you have earned new rewards, and redeeming them with just a few simple steps. You can also manage your profile, rewards, and surveys through the web service at more

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